The Largest Lemongrass Essential Oil Supplier Nationwide

With every drop 100% extracted from nature, VinaHC lemongrass essential oil is gaining more and more love and support from consumers. Let’s go through and cover some benefits from buying the product from our division via the following post.

For its multi-purpose function, the lemongrass essential oil is so far the most recommended product nowadays. For that, there are more and more manufacturers are in this business. However, as the product is more and more demanded, many manufacturers had to lower the quality and increase the quantity for the sake of gaining profits, which affect to the customer’s experience when they use the product.

That being said, we strongly recommend that you should only opt to trusted brands, those that are well-certified in selling and producing cosmetic products for your own safety and well-beings

Where to find this product?

One of the top brands in the field of supplying lemongrass essential oil product is VINAHC Commerce and Manufacture Ltd Co,. Having advantages in terms of resources, from the beginning VINAHC has been producing top-notched quality products. We are strict in choosing the freshest and best lemongrass for our product. The next step is to choose places that have the soil and the climate that fit the most for planting. All processes are guaranteed to comply with essential regulations in order that we can bring you the best product. Thus, thousands of people in the country are now accessible to using use quality products that are purely made from nature. Moreover, VINAHC has now had a chain of plants equipped with modern machines so as to make use the best of the valuable resource.

Selling lemongrass essential oil in HCMC

Established in 1980, Research Institute for Oil and Oiled Plants (IOOP) has been growing strongly in activities like planting and extracting oiled plants to make organic products for the well-beings of the community. Having inherited such values by connecting people specialised in essential oil, VinaHC was official established in 2017 and has been running until now. Following to that event, VinaHC has opened more and more farms for manufacturing in Long Tan Commune, Dau Tieng District, Binh Duong Province.

Because of the quality of the product and its benefits to people’s health, VinaHC has gained a lot of trust and love from customers in HCMC from the beginning. Later, more and more people outside HCMC acknowledge our brand.

A trusted lemongrass essential oil supplier in Ha Noi

Up to now, the supplying chain of our company VINAHC has expanded to nationwide range including the capital Ha Noi. For that, should you wish to order our product, feel free to find us as we have expanded our branches from South to North for your convenience.

All you need to do is to go to our website: or contact to the hotline number: 0931452333/ 0931450333, you will be consulted and instructed ways to order, what product to buy and ways of payment. A well-qualified and all-around team that are always available when you need to bring out the best service for consumers.

Major uses of lemongrass essential oil

The majority of people usually mistaken that the product is a mixture of lemongrass and lime extract; thus, they then assume the product is not purely produced. However, it is nowhere near the truth. The essential oil is in fact extracted from a plant called “Cymbopogon citratus” aka Lemongrass. This type of lemongrass has long life-expectancy, grow into bushes and it is 0,8 to 1,5 meters high. Its body and its roots are usually white or purple-ish. About the plant’s name origin, it is due to their scent, resembling that of lemons. Our product is manufactured using Steam distillation method; therefore, we can fully extract all the good substances from the plant. The sweet and pleasant scent from the product can help you deplete any fatigue from your daily activities.

Killing any bacteria and clearing the air

Due to its typical lemon scent, all unpleasant smell such as rots or smokes from cigarettes can easily be got rid in just a blink of an eye and replaced by clear air. Only 2 to 3 drop into the diffuser and you will never be worried about any odour. Moreover, one another usage is killing harmful bacteria.

Skin care and other cosmetic uses

One of the biggest benefit from using lemongrass essential oil is skin care. For its good anti-bacteria nature, this product can also be used to kill acnes and tighten your skin pores and reproduce your skin to a livelier tone.

Besides from that, it is useful for the use of sterilising your scalp and protect your hair. All you need to do is to mix few drops of oil with warm water, then gentle rub the mixture into your scalp. It will take effect after only a short period of time as it will reduce the amount of hair loss.

Fuming and curing illnesses

Lemongrass has always been used in the Eastern countries to cure illnesses and stimulate the digestive system. Therefore, it is no surprise that the oil extracted from this plant is capable of curing illnesses.

Pour 2 to 3 oil drops onto boiled water and combine with other leaves, then apply your face fully covered with towel to the water surface so that steam evaporates. Doing that for 15 minutes will help you sweat and effectively circulate your blood pressure, and any fatigue or illnesses will disappear in no time.

Repelling insects

Many people may not know that even though the signature scent of lemongrass is pleasant for us, this is not the case for insects as they will lose control when smelling the scent. Having acknowledged that, many manufacturers also use the oil extraction for many anti-insect products.

Healing bruises

Another thing that this oil is capable of is to heal wounds and bruises. Were you to be injured, mix a few drops of the essential oil into warm water and then gentle massage to apply to your wound 2 times per day. After doing so, the wound will be quickly healed.

In conclusion, the lemongrass essential oil is solely natural and is proved to work well. For that, it is more and more demanded by consumers. Should you wish to order our products, contact to VinaHC right now and you will also be offered many other services.



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