Sliced Lemongrass – The Most Valuable Gift From Nature

Citronella has longed been the indispensable seasoning in many Vietnamese traditional dishes; moreover, it can be used to treat many illneses. However, not many people have a solid understanding of citronella. For that, Moc Thuy essential oil will help you in this matter.

What is sliced Lemongrass?

Citronella is a plant that grows in tropical or semi tropical countries such as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc… This plant usually grows into bushes and its height is around 0,8 – 1m. Its leaves are quite similar to ones from rice plants. The roots are usually white or purple-ish and they can hold well in the ground.

The growth and endurance of this plant is impeccable. No matter typhoons or storms, nothing can bring the plant down. In the past, citronella could be found everywhere in the wild; however, due to the acknowledgement of its benefits, this plant is now planted and cultivated in farms and is distilled to produce essential oil. Nowadays, it has become a high value exporter.

2. Significant benefits of Lemongrass

Despite using citronella every day, not many people know what this plant is really capable of. Because of its ability to sterilise and prevent cancer, citronella is considered to be a medicinal plant.

Used for cosmetic purposes

If you are indulged in natural beautifying methods, you might be familiar with citronella essential oil. In the plant’s trunk and leaves have a large amount of oil that can be turned into cosmetic products.

Citronella essential oil can clean your skin and tighten your pores. For that, acnes and skin problems will be treated with ease and you will gain your lifeful skin back.

Moreover, it can reduce aging effects and give you a younger and healthier look. Additionally, crushed or sliced citronella mix with boiled water can also be used as shampoo to enhance your hair’s life and reduce hair loss. It was once said:” One’s appearance can determine one’s character”. In conclusion, citronella is perfect for those wanting to take care of their appearances at low cost but safe and effective.

Enhancing digestive system

Citronella tea can protect and enhance one’s digestive system; especially children’s and their appetites. Drinking one cup of citronella tea everyday will treat symptoms like dyspepsia, eructation and nausea. Moreover, many other digestive problems such as bloating or stomach pain can also be treated.

Many scientists also said that using citronella can detoxicate toxic substances from your body. The detoxification process is mainly carried out by the liver and later your organs will be clean and will always be in a good shape.

Treating flus 

There is one traditional method of treating flu is to keep this mixture in your mouth. Firstly, crush citronella and mix with and ginger and 650ml of boiled water. Secondly, get rid of the residues and cook the mixture with sugar to condense the mixture. Finally, take a small piece of the mixture and keep it in your mouth for a few minutes and flus will be treated in just a blink of an eye.

Loosing weights 

Because of its moisture, citronella can enhance energy consumption process and reduce fats. For that, you can lose weights without having to go to gyms or doing intensive exercises. Furthermore, citronella hot tea can enhance your excretory system and detoxicate toxic and poisonous substances from your body and preven you from absorbing fats, sugar and carbohydrates.

Repelling insects

Lemongrass or Java citronella both have very signature scents that can repel insects and protect your health. A few drops of oil into the diffuser or mix it with water and then spray the mixture around your house or even your pet.

3. Where to buy the best and the freshest Lemongrass

If you are still wondering places that sell the best and the freshest citronella, VINAHC COMMERCE AND MANUFACTURE LTD CO, is the answer. Having been in the field for a long time, Moc Thuy Farm guarantee that our products are well-certified and purely extract from the best plants.

Established in 1980, Research Institute for Oil and Oiled Plants (IOOP) has been growing strongly in activities like planting and extracting oiled plants to make organic products for the well-beings of the community. In the past, many researchers saw the potential of oiled plants; however, they cannot maximize their potentials as it was hard to distinguish and categorise which plant is which back then. Now, thanks to the advancement in research, researchers can do make the best use out of oiled plants to make organic products for the well-beings of the community by linking with cooperators and companies.

Having inherited such values by connecting people specialised in essential oil, VinaHC was official established in 2017 and has been running until now. We have expanded and opened many more farms in Tien Giang and Vinh Long for the purpose of cultivating citronella species in including lemongrass, Java citronella, crushed and sliced citronella. As more and more people want to use essential oil, many plants and factories are built in Long An, Vinh Long to produce essential oil.

4. Moc Thuy – one of the leading manufacturer of VinaHC

With modern equipment and advanced technology and a team with more than 37 years of experience, Moc Thuy essential oil commit to bring you the freshest citronellas as well as the most refined essential oil.

If you come and visit Moc Thuy Farm, you will be overwhelmed by our equipment and technology as well as our professional in the field. All our plants and materials are Seed to Seal certified in terms of purity, refinement and quality. Our plants have all satisfied the safety standards for distilling and manufacturing; therefore, we guarantee that Moc Thuy essential oil are well-certified and well-manufactured. We always will be available for you whenever you need.



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